Monday, August 30, 2004

Hurray we are 17th in all INDIA

It's the time for party !! IIFM ranked 17th in all india . Leaving behind GIM, LBS , IITKGP,Welinkar,KJsom, iitkanpur and other brands... Not only this it is placed 4th in "By region" category . And this is a huge acheivement taking into consideration that we were not ranked last year.
So stop cribbing about the college (this applies to me as well). Keep hopes. Put your best. The day is not far when we will be in top 10. And for this our contribution and efforts are also needed.
If you look in detail about the analysis points .Where we are lacking is " Placements" .We are having a score of 183.72 and look at the score of iima in placements - 280.79 . A good 100 point margin (approx). Add this diff and we will be 7th . So it is a clear cut the deciding factor why our rank is 17th and not 7th .
If placement comitte is reading this . Understand how much onus u have to cover this distance of 100 points. I know u have it in you . Only key is full dedication and remember "Whole is bigger then sum of parts" . So it might so happen that our individual goals and aspirations will be compromized in between, but go ahead and one day will be ours, when we or our juniors will be having a party for 7th rank .
I know that distance is big and journey is tough . But forest managers journey is always tough . Uske bina maza nahi hai . And some of u will be thinking that "Sala badi badi baat kar raha hai" ye sab kuch hone wala nahi hai , but did they think that 17th rank ke bare me bhi unke aise hi khyal the and this is a reality today .
Anyways i will stop , because iifm is partying !! And i can't afford to miss it !!

Cheers to iifm..

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Anup Singh said...

Baaten Hich Karte jaa tu. Kaam to karte ja naa re baba...............