Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Hi guys.........& gals,

Seems maths assignment and extra classes r taking there toll. bcoz there is no new blog here since 12 August....not even a copy pest operation ;-).

by the way last week was full of happenings with thanxgiving party , i- day celebrations and than quiz on 17th .It was a miracle that Prof. CVRS postponed his assignment due date & i had some relief.but there r assigments lined up for the next week EM , BCDH, QT etc. to mention a few.But as usual, everything will be completed by last date.

Seniors had the best of last week with winning everything they participated in & i think we must have a dope test fron next time onwards.

Also i danced on stage for the first time in my life.And the poem 'NEEND' was praised by many.

Also 'Indra Dev' were at their best during full week with not even a single day sparing with rains & it was really enjoyable to watch n hoot for Football match in rain on I-day.

rain also showed its magic in my home state Rajasthan where till 15 days ago Govt. was planning for Drought Relief and now they have to plan for Flood relief(It happens only in India).

by now the postponed date of QT assigment is again approaching and i think i should leave n prepare for that.

BC Kaayam Rahe.


Anonymous said...

lage raho india lage raho, back benchers association jindabaad jindabaad nitin bhai sahab aapne jo class mai bc ka neev rakhi hai vo din par din majboot hoti ja rahi hai bas ye neend ki kuch dava bata de nahi to neend mai bc bhi nahi kar pa rahe hai

Mandar Samvatsar said...

Can you tell the moral of the story ? And can somebody buy him a cup of ...!!