Thursday, August 19, 2004

Exploring Rajasthan

A few days ago there was a very interesting question in Ecosystem class by Ushnish . He asked ma’m that how can Rajasthan have wetlands when there is desert and it does not get proper rainfall.

Let me clear some misconceptions people have about Rajasthan. Whenever one thinks of Rajasthan the general picture is of a big Moustache Man with Turban on his head, A Lathi in his hand ,sitting on camel in a vast desert. I don’t know why various Governments of Rajasthan have promoted this beautiful land as such.

Also people think that Rajasthan means REGISTAN and there will be no water, people must be crazy about water,there must be no rains, which not absolutely true.

Though it is true that Rajasthan does contain desert that does not mean whole Rajasthan is a desert and there is no water at all there. The fact is that even I have not seen desert till now in my life though I have traveled many pars of Rajasthan.

Only western part of Rajasthan is covered under desert(which itself is very beautiful and a good tourist destination). And it is also true that it have water scarcity. This part includes Jaisalamer, Jodhpur, Barmer Jalor , Bikaner etc.Other than these u will not find much water scarsity in Rajasthan. But in these parts also people have adopted such good water harvesting systems from ancient times that if these methods be adopted in whole country there will be no water problem throughout India. The remaining parts of Rajasthan do not have much problem (except summer season when whole country sings to same tune) and they get adequate annual rainfall

Have a look at some of the facts

Farmers of Sri Ganganagar are at par with Panjab farmers in terms of productivity and richness. The whole area is irrigated by Indira Gandhi Canal.

Kota is a city where people does not have water tanks in there homes. They get 24 hour direct water supply, thanks to Chambal River.

Chambal is so big a river that three big dams are constructed on it (Rana Pratap Sagar, Gandhi Sagar and Kota Barrage) Not far from each other to hold its water.

The electricity supply condition in Rajasthan in much better than the states of M.P. & Bihar(even in remotest villages).

Mount Abu is one of the favorite hill station and has got very good climate, landscapic beauty and Jain Tamples.

Udaipur is called City Of Lakes and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Rajasthan has got various national parks, wild life sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries ,& wetlands.
Some of them are Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambhore National park, Kewladeo, Sariska Tiger Reserve,Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary,Darrah Sanctuary,Desert National Sanctuary,Jaisamand Sanctuary & Lake,Mount Abu Sanctuary,Sambhar Lake and many more.

Even desert place of Jaislmaer is a world famous tourist hotspot. .

This is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more hidden adventures Rajasthan promises.

So next time you speak about Rajasthan don’t think only of desert but think some thing beyond that.

Rajasthan ……Simply Colorful.


Akhand said...

thanks bagla for such a information about Rajasthan.But I wait for the day when u will guide all of us to the lovely state(at leat to ur place)

Anup Singh said...

Tussi kitte great ho..
Apne Rangile Rajasthan ri baat bataaee.

Jor Se Bolo Bharat Maata Ki ....................JAI.