Saturday, July 24, 2004

How to Contribute to IIFMight Blog

>>>Who Can Contribute to IIFMight's Blog
All IIFMights (Current Students and Alumni) are requested to contribute to blogs. We invite contribution from non-IIFMights, if it is related with IIFM/IIFMights.
>>> How to contribute ?
If you are registered on you can send me a request to be added as contributor for the blog and we will add you. One can also send his/her contribution the following id and it will be published on the site.
For registration request or sending contributions contact at san1378(at)Gmail(dot)com.
>>> Is there any restrictions or guidelines for posting on the site?
You can post absolutely anything which you would like but it would be great if you are posting something related IIFM, PGDFM, your experiences in work field/at IIFM or related to sectors which IIFM caters to. Post/Contributions should not contain any vulgarity/obscenity or personal attack, grudges and one should keep in mind that all the contributions are in public domain and accessible to all.
>>> What if I have my own blog and want to contribute some of the posts for both the blogs?
Crossposting is absolutely fine. We are also looking forward to maintain a list of all IIFM bloggers so you are requested to send your bloglink so that it can be placed in blogroll on the site.

For more information contact us at san1378(at)gmail(dot)com

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