Sunday, July 18, 2004

Badminton Tournament at IIFM

After a week of competitive badminton on campus the Tournament Finals wereheld today.Thank you to all participants and volunteer officials (referees and linesmen)Congratulations to the winners and more so to the semifinalists andfinalists without whom we would have no winners:-)Mr.Rathore was kind enough to take time off to watch the Finals. He wasalso very helpful in arranging for the shutllecocks at the last moment.In addition to the tournament finals, we also had 4 exhibition matcheswith Mr. Biswas and Lokesh(PFM05) who got together and showed everyone howto combine presision placement(Mr Biswas) with powerful shots(Lokesh).Unfortunately, two enthusiasts among the faculty, Mr. A.K. Bhattacharyaand Mr. Amitabh Pandey could not join us today.A big surprise was the appearance of the Director Sir,  who came to watch and also played an informal doubles match. It was refreshing to see thatthough he was not a good player he had no issues about playing and wasactually enjoying himself with the students without trying to maintainsome kind of professional distance.Unfortunately, the turnout from the PFM06 batch was not so good. The MRMbatch came out in almost full strength although they had only onebatchmate (Nandini) playing today. Hopefully, the batch will be moresupportive in other co-curricular events.However, Lokesh(last year's Sports Sec) said that he had problems lastarranging matches because of participants not coming for matches on timeetc. We thank all participants for being punctual and cooperative inspiteof the heavy work schedule (and slight changes in our planned matchschedule due to extra classes etc.) and also accepting walkovers withoutargument in case of absence.There was some negative talk earlier about the system used in the draw forthe Mens Singles but since we had no way to seed players we were forced touse a lucky draw system WITH unoffical seeding (grouping the chitsaccording to perceived skill) to try to keep the better players in thetournament till at least the semi final stage. In most tournaments asystem is used to keep the better (top seeded) players from playingagainst each other in the early stages. To explain more here is notnecessary. If anyone needs clarification on the system used in the lastweek please feel free to contact either me or Ashirbad.Thank you and congratulations again to all participants and volunteers.The results of the last two days are as follows:
Param Chattopadhyay def. Avijit Kishore15-4,15-11
Ashirbad Das def Ushnish Chattopadhyay15-11, 15-0
Priyank Pradeep+Akshai Abraham def. Ashirbad Das+Dipendar Sharma7-15, 15-9, 15-14
Rohit Toppo+Avijit Kishore def.
Alok Kashyap and Pushkar Parashar15-5, 15-13
Nandini Deshpande def. Michelle Thomas15-9,15,1
Param Chatopadhyay def. Ashirbad Das15-12, 15,5
Priyank Pradeep Akshai Abraham def. Rohit Toppo+Avijit Kishore15-8,15-7
__Thanking you,
Sports Committee


Santosh said...

Congrats to all the winners, and Mr. Akshai Abraham for managing the event beautifully.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to all who won....
it was great to have the director and faculty members amongst us.....
but unfortunately they were few to represent the pfm batch....common guys ....this is your institute...take time out for cheering your batchmates...
we have to keep our spirits high...