Sunday, July 25, 2004

Thanx a ton seniors

Thank you seniors for the amazing party arranged for the new pfm2006 batch. The efforts to bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniz are worth admiring. Hope to have more get-togethers in the year to come and many other occasions wherein we come in contact with the veteran lot.thanx a ton and lets get IIFM rockin!!!.


Life isn't about keeping score,its not about how many people u call and its not about who u ve dated ,are dating or havent dated at all.
It isnt about who you've kissed, which sport u play, which guy or girl likes u.
It is not about your shoes or your hair or the colour of your skin,or where u live or go to school. In fact its not about grades, money, clothes or colleges that accept you or not.
Life isnt about if you have lots of friends or if you r alone and its not how accepted or unaccepted you are.
Life just isn't about that
Life is about who you love and who you hurt.
Its about how you feel bout yourself.
Its about trust ,happiness,compassion.
Its about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love .
Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance and building confidence.
Its about what you say and what you mean.
Its about seeing people for who they are and not what they have.
Most of all its about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that could have never been achieved otherwise.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

How to Contribute to IIFMight Blog

>>>Who Can Contribute to IIFMight's Blog
All IIFMights (Current Students and Alumni) are requested to contribute to blogs. We invite contribution from non-IIFMights, if it is related with IIFM/IIFMights.
>>> How to contribute ?
If you are registered on you can send me a request to be added as contributor for the blog and we will add you. One can also send his/her contribution the following id and it will be published on the site.
For registration request or sending contributions contact at san1378(at)Gmail(dot)com.
>>> Is there any restrictions or guidelines for posting on the site?
You can post absolutely anything which you would like but it would be great if you are posting something related IIFM, PGDFM, your experiences in work field/at IIFM or related to sectors which IIFM caters to. Post/Contributions should not contain any vulgarity/obscenity or personal attack, grudges and one should keep in mind that all the contributions are in public domain and accessible to all.
>>> What if I have my own blog and want to contribute some of the posts for both the blogs?
Crossposting is absolutely fine. We are also looking forward to maintain a list of all IIFM bloggers so you are requested to send your bloglink so that it can be placed in blogroll on the site.

For more information contact us at san1378(at)gmail(dot)com

A Message From God To You

A Message From God To You
cc: The World.
I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound of my voice. These words are my signature. You may bring your doubt, your fear, your faith, or your courage; it matters not, for you will be touched by the rhythm of my voice. It moves through you like a beam of light that sweeps - if only for a moment - the darkness aside.
           I dwell in a frequency of light in which finite beings cannot uncover me. If you search for me, you will fail. I am not found or discovered. I am only realized in oneness, unity, and wholeness. It is the very same oneness you feel when you are interconnected with all of life, for I am this and this alone. I am all of life. If you must search for me, then practice the feeling of wholeness and unity.
In my deepest light I created you from my desire to understand my universe. You are my emissaries. You are free to journey the universe of universes as particles from my infinite womb with destinies that you alone will write. I do not prescribe your journey, or your journey's aim. I only accompany you. I do not pull you this way or that, nor do I punish you when you stray from my heart. This I do as an outcome of my belief in you.You are the heirs of my light, which gave you form. It is my voice that awakened you to individuality, but it will be your will that awakens you to our unity. It is your desire to know me as your self that brings you to my presence so perfectly hidden from your world. I am behind everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel, and believe.
I live for your discovery of me. It is my highest expression of my love for you, and while you search for my shadows in the stories of your world, I, the indelible, invisible light, grow increasingly visible. Imagine the furthest point in space - beneath a black portal, cast in some distant galaxy, and then multiply this distance by the highest numeric value you know.

    Congratulations, you have measured an atom of my body.

 Do you realize how I am unfathomable? I am not what you can know, or see, or understand. I am outside comprehension. My vastness makes me invisible and unavoidable. There is nowhere you can be without me. My absence does not exist. It is this very nature that makes me unique. I am First Cause and Last Effect connected in an undivided chain.
           There is no supplication that stirs me. No prayer that invites me further into your world unless it is attended with the feeling of unity and wholeness. There is no temple or sacred object that touches me. They do not, nor have they ever brought you closer to my outstretched hand.
My presence in your world is unalterable for I am the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the one soul inside you.
           I could awaken each of you in this very moment to our unity, but there is a larger design - a more comprehensive vision - that places you in the boundaries of time and the spatial dimensions of separateness. The design requires a progression into my wholeness that reacquaints you with our unity through the experience of separation. Your awakening, while slow and sometimes painful, is assured, and this you must trust above all else.
        I am the ancestral father of all creation. I am a personality that lives inside each of you as a vibration that emanates from all parts of your existence. I reside in this dimension as your beacon. If you follow this vibration, if you place it at the core of your journey, you will contact my personality that lives beneath the particles of your existence.
           I am not to be feared or held in indifference. You are my blessed offspring with whom I am intricately connected in means that you cannot understand and therefore appreciate. You must suspend your belief and disbelief in what you cannot sense, in exchange for your knowledge that I am alive and real within you.      

  This is my central message to all my offspring.
      Hear it well, for in it you may find the place in which I dwell.

Friday, July 23, 2004


The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, gift, or skill. It will make or break a company...a church...a home.       The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude.        I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our attitudes

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How intellingent girls are!

One day, a girl, 16yrs old, heared from her mother that if she will do a regular prayer for 4 yrs, a divine "Devi" will come to her dreams & give her 3 boons(Varadaan). So she decided to do it. She completed 4 yrs successfully, doing prayer regularly. Now it was a day for "Devi" to come. So she slept earlier with thoughts in her mind to ask. And, really a "Devi" comes in her dreams. Now this is the dialogue between them. Devi: O Girl, you prayed to me regularly within last 4 yrs, so I am very very happy with you. I will complete any of your 3 wishes. You can ask anything you like, but there is one condition. Girl: Condition!, what is that? Devi: You have a boy-friend? Girl: Yes. Devi: When you were doing a prayer, he was waiting for you, so he also sacrificed same as you. Moreover, he didnt know anything about boon and all, so he is also eligible for the boons. So whatever you will ask, he will get 10 times more than that of you. If you are agreed, then proceed for the 1st boon. Girl: (After thinking for some time ... ): Yes, I am ready. Girl: 1st, Make me 10 times richer than the richest person in the world. Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times richer than you. Girl: It's OK. Devi: Be as you wish! Girl: 2nd, Make me 10 times more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world. Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times handsome than the most handsome boy in the world. Girl: It's OK. Devi: Be as you wish. Devi: Now the last boon remains. Girl: O Devi, please give me a MILD HEART-ATTACK. Devi: What? Are you sure! Girl: Yes. Very sure! Devi: Be as you wish. Think friends, what happened to her boy-friend, he got a severe heart-attack & died at once, while the girl remained alive. Thus, the girl became the world's most beautiful girl and the richest one, too. Moral of the story: So intelligent the girls are! Girls are really more intelligent than we believe about them to be. So be careful boys! Now, girls please stop reading.
 ... boys continue till the end of the article .....
****** Dear boys, dont worry, actually what done is something different than what you all think! Actually, the girl's boy-friend got a heart-attack, 10 TIMES MILDER than that of the girl. So the boy-friend lived longer than the girl, being world's richest and the most handsome boy. Moral of the story: Dear boys, the girls are not really that much intelligent than what we believe them to be. So dont worry if you think that you have girl-friend, intelligent than you.
sourced from internet ( from blog of an IIM A, grad)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

If you वांट to post to the site!

Hi Friends,
All those ppl who are interested in posting at this site ( you can post any event, any thing you feel like sharing to others),can post to this site. There is no restriction on what one can post, but one must have the some considerations in mind as all the post will be open for general viewing.
I am trying to creat a chronoligcal list of blogs(about events and life at IIFM) so that our juniors,or any one can see that.
For more info and getting the user id mail me at

Badminton Tournament at IIFM

After a week of competitive badminton on campus the Tournament Finals wereheld today.Thank you to all participants and volunteer officials (referees and linesmen)Congratulations to the winners and more so to the semifinalists andfinalists without whom we would have no winners:-)Mr.Rathore was kind enough to take time off to watch the Finals. He wasalso very helpful in arranging for the shutllecocks at the last moment.In addition to the tournament finals, we also had 4 exhibition matcheswith Mr. Biswas and Lokesh(PFM05) who got together and showed everyone howto combine presision placement(Mr Biswas) with powerful shots(Lokesh).Unfortunately, two enthusiasts among the faculty, Mr. A.K. Bhattacharyaand Mr. Amitabh Pandey could not join us today.A big surprise was the appearance of the Director Sir,  who came to watch and also played an informal doubles match. It was refreshing to see thatthough he was not a good player he had no issues about playing and wasactually enjoying himself with the students without trying to maintainsome kind of professional distance.Unfortunately, the turnout from the PFM06 batch was not so good. The MRMbatch came out in almost full strength although they had only onebatchmate (Nandini) playing today. Hopefully, the batch will be moresupportive in other co-curricular events.However, Lokesh(last year's Sports Sec) said that he had problems lastarranging matches because of participants not coming for matches on timeetc. We thank all participants for being punctual and cooperative inspiteof the heavy work schedule (and slight changes in our planned matchschedule due to extra classes etc.) and also accepting walkovers withoutargument in case of absence.There was some negative talk earlier about the system used in the draw forthe Mens Singles but since we had no way to seed players we were forced touse a lucky draw system WITH unoffical seeding (grouping the chitsaccording to perceived skill) to try to keep the better players in thetournament till at least the semi final stage. In most tournaments asystem is used to keep the better (top seeded) players from playingagainst each other in the early stages. To explain more here is notnecessary. If anyone needs clarification on the system used in the lastweek please feel free to contact either me or Ashirbad.Thank you and congratulations again to all participants and volunteers.The results of the last two days are as follows:
Param Chattopadhyay def. Avijit Kishore15-4,15-11
Ashirbad Das def Ushnish Chattopadhyay15-11, 15-0
Priyank Pradeep+Akshai Abraham def. Ashirbad Das+Dipendar Sharma7-15, 15-9, 15-14
Rohit Toppo+Avijit Kishore def.
Alok Kashyap and Pushkar Parashar15-5, 15-13
Nandini Deshpande def. Michelle Thomas15-9,15,1
Param Chatopadhyay def. Ashirbad Das15-12, 15,5
Priyank Pradeep Akshai Abraham def. Rohit Toppo+Avijit Kishore15-8,15-7
__Thanking you,
Sports Committee