Monday, July 16, 2018

IIfm-Life Changing Experience

The very clichéd advice of ‘dream big’ has been a part of my everyday life while growing up. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, including those of my peers would only have those two words to say to me at family events, festivals, and even birthday parties! Over the course of time, it had all become very meaningless to me, mostly because whatever I had ‘dreamt’ of as a child had not quite taken shape. I had dreamt of being in the veterinary sciences, medical sciences, animation sciences too, but they weren’t quite realistic, at least not for someone like me.

Herein comes the importance of where I am now. The Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. This past year has been a year of many firsts: My first degree, my first successful attempt at a competitive exam, my first interview as an adult and my first dream that came true.

I have heard of so many people, working or studying at places that only the cream of the cream go to, who are only just surviving because they must. The don’t love it, they’re not happy and they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to drop it all and leave, something I have not observed in anyone that I have encountered in my one year at IIFM, since June 2018. My seniors, my batch and my juniors roam free at this institute, and not just in the vast campus, but also in life.

IIFM gives us the chance of choosing where we want to go, be it in the annual adventure camp, or in the form of a career. Whether you want to live in the mixed evergreen forests of the Vidarbha landscape and walk with the wild, or wish to magically play with numbers such that your selfless effort helps out women, children and farmers in need, you will find the way, if you start at IIFM.
We, at this institute, are taught to look at the greater good, to realize there is so much more to life than an air-conditioned office that comes free with a seven-digit-salary, to look at the bigger picture in terms of people, the environment and species that walk the earth with us and to help ourselves rise to a platform where we can be the kind of people that we have always wanted to be.

IIFM has taught me to be courageous, to experiment, to find what makes me happy, to live my life the way I want to and not the way it has been dictated to me, but most importantly, it has taught me to appreciate the clichéd advice of ‘dream big’. I have found my calling at this institute I now call home, and it may not have been like the ‘Eureka!’ moment in the movies we like to watch, but it has, without a doubt, made me someone who can stand on a giant stage in front of the world and say with confidence, that I, for the first time in twenty-three years, am finally proud of myself.

Adrija Roy
PFM 2017-19

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to start again!!!

More than a year has passed when I left those lofty gates. But still, not even a single day has gone, when I have not missed them.

I don’t have words to express my gratitude to IIFM. Wherever I am standing now, it’s because of that alma mater of mine. And, I am sure many of you must be feeling the same.Justify Full

After passing out from there, I had so many new experiences and believe me all those new experiences would not have happened had I not joined IIFM.

Why IIFM”?
The question which started from GD/PI…. And still, continues…..

I really feel so sad to see that this page is not so happening as it was thought of during the days of its inception. This page was meant to reconnect with each other. I know all of us are busy in our daily lives juggling between office and home, field visits and desk work, starting with new endeavors….

But still, we can definitely take out some time to write a blog for this platform now and then.

We owe at least this much to IIFM!!!

A proud IIFMight!!!

Swati Agrawal

Saturday, July 24, 2010

B-School Shutterbug: We missed it!!

I just stumbled upon this link on . A B-School Shutterbug Photo Contest. Can't believe that there are no entries from IIFM.. A beautiful campus and some really super-talented photography enthusiast.. I think we missed this because we could not get the information in time.. or we were too lazy (or too busy doing assignments) to showoff our campus and talent.. ;-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daksh: the business plan competition

Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIFM conducted an event last year on 21st November called Entrepreneurship summit and Daksh the B-plan competition.

Following is the link of the video uploaded showing the highlights of the


If you are facing problems in viewing the video online then you can
download the 10 min(76 Mb) video from the following link

Entrepreneurship Development Cell
IIFM, Bhopal

Saturday, July 17, 2010

IIFMight needs contributors.

After a long time I tried posting something on this blog, but nothing came to my mind.. yeah nothing came to my mind that can be fit for a post on this particular blog. I do update my other blog once in a while but I write on this only when I have something which is related to IIFM. I realized that I have exhausted myself and have not much to share about my experience with IIFM/at IIFM /about IIFM.

So I am making a request to the current batch of students and other alumni to contribute to this blog to keep this alive. The search rankings and my interaction with IIFM aspirants ( I came to know them as the administrator of this blog) suggest that this blog is quite popular for people looking about information on our alma mater. So we have some good incentives to keep this blog alive and make it content rich. Even for many alumni this serves as one of the main resources to get updates on campus happenings and an indirect way to connect to students. But moreover, it serves all those IIFM aspirants who want to know more about IIFM and IIFMights (the official resources do not do justice on this front).

I would appreciate if members of the current batch (specially the members of clubs such as Literary or Media and Communication Club) can take some time out to contribute.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have gone to the Forest

Since March 2009, I left IIFM the second best place I ever lived in, after my home. As all other IIFMights believed, it was the time a new journey began. As the focus point changed, in came a new camera position, the new organisation, new forms, dead shapes. Trying to setup a visual rhythm seemed to come naturally. All of a sudden, I was in a forest of ‘Iron and Steel’, rather than a forest that I might dream of.

I started in a big way. My first conference with international fraternity, in a five star hotel, discussing core issues of food security over an affluent lunch. Surprisingly, everyone was so serious about a piggy bank sum of money, that is the “Chirag” of Aladdin. Coincidentally, both the families of Aladdin are poor, the earlier one as well as the latest one. But the icing on the cake is that many “Aladdin” are getting the different “Chirags” and all of them are working. Hope, some Aladdin will also get the daughter of the King.

Many of my class mates and alumni’s are designing and selling these “Chirags”. The great day will come soon, where every “Chirag” would flaunt the label “Made by IIFMight”.

Research and Health were the two sides of a coin, which I got first in my piggy bank. Both were excellently drawn by Rumi’s “Magic Pen”. Health and IIFM – Surprised !!!. But, when things were written by the “Magic Pen”, you know what happened. IIFMights have established a firm ground in this field as well. This may give a new dimension to many of the forest birds having a good eye in “Health” based research and there are still enough pages remaining to be written upon with your “Magic Pen”.

“Mr. CC” is shouting, saying “See See, what you have done”. But why, am I not able to see anything, in my AC cabin with my laptop ON, with the room illuminated by lights during day time. Oh “Mr. CC”!! I have not done anything. Let me check the outside world. Then I met IIFMights again in Mr. CC’s party, having one capital obviously not Delhi, its intellectual capital. Like me, many were good friends of Mr. CC, his brother, Mr. Kyoto and their family members: CERs, VERs, REDD, Vulnerability, Adaptation, Risk, Hazard and Variability, many more..........

The fraternity of Mowglis is also roaming with latest gadgets in their hands, capturing black strips on the yellow canvas. Also, they want some “Payments” either in cash or cheque from Aladdin for services like water, oxygen and some more natural assets. A conflict between luxury and survival. But, Mowglis are in the forest, its destiny.

Our thinking box resplendent with innovation, is made up of Forest. Still, IIFMights are thinking out of the box to plant a new sapling in this dense forest. My memories shiver for one good saying “Anyone can see a forest fire, the skill lies in sniffing the first smoke.”

Even today, my brain is baffled by many queries and still, “I Have No Answers”. While sitting on the rocks of the sunset point at old fort, I fondly remembered (sunset point of IIFM) and my heart says “I have gone to the Forest”.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Two plus two years later....

Last week when i was going through the pile of snaps on my hard disk, i found the ones taken a month into IIFM, with the batch mates still trying to know each other and adjust to each other. The first two months are a good enough measure of what life is going to be at IIFM over the next two years.

Passing out of IIFM , one tends to feel sad. You think of the time you spent with your friends over the last two years and then all of a sudden you realise that this is it... No more late for class syndrome...No more news paper wrapped breakfasts...No more 5 minute extensions for submitting the assignments...No more late night chai's at Nehru Nagar !!!!

First month into the job and you invariably feel that you are a misfit. You are a misfit for the kind of work that you are doing, you are a misfit for the kind of town you are staying in and you are a misfit for your clothes as well (Weight issues etc:))

What after 2 years ?? Post two years you realize a few things...You are not a complete misfit after all. Work is good once you start enjoying what you are doing, finding the work that you really enjoy doing is the tricky part (I've been lucky enough to get the work that i really enjoy a month into my job) The seniors from IIFM are always around to teach you the tricks n trades of the new job (They are there to watch your back at times when you goof up) Its something which keeps passing on to every generation from IIFM who joins a new organization.. By 2 years you also start to see the future much more positively, this confidence comes with good work to back you up.

You also realise that its not possible to keep in touch with buddies as frequently as you promised to, but then you take consolation from the fact that all the marriages in the batch are like mini alumni meets and get togethers for the batch. You end up scolding the others about not calling you more often etc etc. and the same excuse always manages to shine through "I was swamped with work" and somehow thats the response you want, its great to see all the buddies doing well in their respective jobs and what better a measure than "Lots of work !!!!!"

IIFM always ends up giving you more than what you expected, be it career wise or be it in terms of the close friendships for life.... it manages to surprise you when you are least expecting it.

So four years after setting foot at IIFM for the first time, all I can say that it has been good. Really good !!!!!!!!!!